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Probationary 6th Degree Black Belt

Grant started his journey of martial arts in Bob Jones Zen Do Kai in Melbourne in 1977 when he was 14 years old. He was introduced to Zen Do Kai by a friend and he started training at Greenwood High School Dojo under Gordon Kirk, Steve Nedelkos and Martin Ruzic.  During that time he also trained regularly at Elizabeth Street in Melbourne City under Soke Bob Jones’ Red Dragon Dojos. It quickly became apparent to Grant that training in martial arts was able to fill many gaps he had in his life at that time and consequently it soon become his ultimate passion. 

Grant trained in Melbourne and achieved brown belt but as his family moved around lot during his youth, he consequently had to train in a variety of different styles depending on where they were living at the time to allow him to continue his martial arts journey.  During this time he trained in Boxing, Judo, Shoot Wrestling and Kick-boxing.  Over the next 2 decades, Grant trained at many different Zen Do Kai schools around the country. He would take his Gi with him everywhere he went and would seek out a Zen Do Kai school where he was and train with them. Over the 2 decades he did this he trained in Western Austalias, South Australia, Victoria, New Soth Wales and Queensland. Grant claims this was wonderful as he got to experience a huge variety of teaching techniques and learnt a lot fro the various instructors.

In 1992 Grant moved to Toowoomba with his work and began training with his children in International Authentic Tae Kwon Do under Peter Sullivan and Jamie Moore.  At this time he also began training privately with Kyoshi Steve Dickens, in Toowoomba in both Zen Do Kai and also in BJC Muay Thai. In 1994 when his children were old enough to attend the regular Zen Do Kai classes, they joined Shibumi Samurai as a family and Grant began training full time once again in Zen Do Kai.

In December 1999 Grant relocated to the Sunshine Coast and in April 2000, together with his youngest son Joshua, they founded Coastal Dragons Dojo firstly in the Warana High School Performing Arts hall under Kyoshi Steve Dickens Shibumi Samurai, and then later moved the club to the wonderful Sunshine Coast Thai Boxing Centre where the club has been ever since.

Martial arts has been a major part of Grant's life for over 36 years. He holds a 5th degree rank in Zen Do Kai. Zen Do Kai was a hard style that encompasses practical techniques. This became evident to him during the years he worked in the security and crowd control industries.  During his later teens, he had the opportunity for 13 kick boxing ring fights with an impressive record of 10 wins (8 by knock out), 1 draw and 2 losses.

In March 2013, Grant launched NUCA and the SMART Urban Combat System.


Grant Rohde 2nd Degree - Bob Jones Muay ThaiBJC Muay Thai - 2nd Degree Black Singlet

Grant's Muay Thai training started in April 1992 under Kru Steve Dickens (who was a 6th Degree Kru at the time) Grant's 2nd Degree was the last grading he undertook in BJC Muay Thai in November 1998.






Grant Rohde 3rd Dan Bob Jones Zen Do KaiBJC Arnis Eskrima Kali

Grant trained under Sensei David Hourix at Pakenham and Cheltnam during 1990 - 1992 in both Zen Do Kai and in BJC Arnis Eskrima Kali. AEK was Grant's first introduction to weapons fighting and he greatly enjoyed learning stick fighting and how to defend himself against armed attackers.

Grant has also trained extensively in combat knife fighting, pressure point control, joint manipulation techniques and unarmed combat.  He has trained in several other styles as well including Traditional Tae Kwon Do, Shoot Wresting & Boxing.  Over the years that Grant has been running Coastal Dragons Dojos, he has taught tactical defence and urban combat techniques to Security Guards, Crowd Controllers, Police, Military Personnel, and numerous private citizens.

Grant is currently continuing his training in NUCA and is also studying BJJ and submission wrestling and is now incorporating a mixture of MMA and traditional style training into his regular classes.  Grant is extremely dedicated and committed to his martial arts journey and is very passionate about teaching the art to anyone who wants to learn.  Grant loves watching people develop and hone the skills of martial arts and has vowed to commit himself to teaching people in the hope that if only one person should ever be capable of saving themselves from serious harm, then his life's work teaching has not been in vain.


Better to Sweat in the Dojo than to Bleed on the Street.

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